High-spec phototherapy equipment that meets Dermatologists’ needs

cellecV is a Xenon phototherapy equipment(C-IPL: Cooling Intelligence Pulsed Light)that delivers a range of wavelengths between 420nm to 1200nm with high absorption properties for hemoglobin and melanin. A Xenon light therapy is a typical treatment method for photo-cleansing that is popular in the medical esthetic market. cellecV safely performs highly effective treatments by making full use of multiple wavelength properties, which other laser devices do not have.

Product Features

A bespoke treatment plan with cellecV that makes you feel a good choice

Flexible irradiation settings to improve patient satisfaction

cellecV is a highly functional phototherapy device equipped with Multipath Feature that efficiently raises the temperature of the target while preventing excessive temperature rise of the epidermis. Yet, it is easy to operate like conventional phototherapy devices.

Flexible Multipath Feature

Up to 3 pulses per shot Adjust in 0.1ms steps

cellecV is a high-spec phototherapy equipment that permits flexible adjustment of  Pulse Light. You can optimize its pulse repetition frequency per shot(up to 3 pulses), as well as pulse peak time and valley time (onetime/OFF time) in increments of 0.1ms .You can make a fine adjustment of light energy emittance with optimal timing and sharpness, such as setting only the first pulse hit strong while observing the patient’s reaction. You can provide the optimal treatment for each patient without having “dissatisfaction with irradiation settings”, which you tend to regret after introducing conventional machines.

Nine types of filters as standard equipment for even more effective and precise treatment

The system is endowed with 9 different types of wavelength cut-off filters, covering visible light and near-infrared rays in the wavelength range of 420nm to 1200nm, which are effective for vascular lesions and pigmented lesions. Precise and safer treatment is available by simply choosing appropriate filters in accordance with the skin type and target depth. It is much easier to operate compared with treatment machines that need to exchange handpieces.

Targets by filter types

melanin oxyhemoglobin methemoglobin water porphyrin ↑ Absorbance Wavelength range Epidermal layer Dermis layer Fat layer Acne bacillus Flat, light colored mole Melasma Superficial pigmented lesions (spots, dark spots, etc.) Superficial vascular lesions (telangiectasia, rosacea, etc.) Hair loss Vascular lesion

Dual filter

melanin oxyhemoglobin methemoglobin water ↑ Absorbance Epidermal layer Dermis layer Fat layer

Effective treatment of vascular lesions is capable with specialized dual filter taking advantage of the high absorption rate to oxyhemoglobin in the short wavelength band, and the high absorption rate to methemoglobin in the long wavelength band.

With cellec V, making effective results For Acne and Melasma treatment also

Low power and hypoallergenic toning treatment at 100 microsecond intervals

While conventional phototherapy machines generally irradiate at millisecond intervals, cellecV is equipped with a toning mode that achieves high-speed, low-irritation irradiation at 100 microsecond intervals. Cell toning with low output enables treatment of pigmented diseases, while preventing the induction of complications such as PIH. The device provides a faster and safer approach to pigmented lesions such as Melasma and PIH.

Cell Toning

Cell Toning (microsecond)
Uniform irradiation in microseconds (up to 200 pulses)
Normal pulse (millisecond)

The cell toning mode outputs a maximum of 200 pulses in 40 ms . When this mode is selected, pulse duration and stop time can be set between 0.1 ms and 0.9 ms, respectively.

【BUTTON( POTENZA for Melasma): A New Approach to Melasma Treatment】

Short acne treatment just in one minute

Photo shower™ Technology

Irradiation of the continuous light
(5Hz/sec. maximum) at 300pulse per minute
5pulses(shots)/second 5pulses(shots)/second

Photo Shower™ technology emits 300 pulses/per minute continuously to allow a safe and quick procedure of acne treatment, as well as brightening (560), semi-lifting (700),by selecting the appropriate filters for each.

※5 shots(5Hz) per second(300 shots / per minute)

Patients’ needs are:

  • Skincare treatment with no downtime
  • age spots/stains removal
  • Episodic pigmentation / senile pigmentation( removal)
  • freckles treatment
  • rosacea/redness skin treatment
  • telangiectasia( treatment)
  • fine line treatment
  • pores treatment
  • skin texture/tone improvement
  • acne prevention
  • lightening melasma
  • Flat, light-colored, small mole removal
  • hair removal


Equipped with ATC™※ technology that keeps the contact surface below 5℃ during irradiatio

cellecV is equipped with -10℃ powerful cooling “ATC technology” and is designed to lock the irradiation when the temperature of the light guide(irradiation surface ) exceeds the set temperature. Suppressing the rise in the temperature of the contact surface of the skin not only avoids the risk of burns, but also reduces the burden on the patient by cooling, which reduces the pain during irradiation.

Time Temperature Temperature that creates a risk of burn injury Temperature transition of conventional devices -10℃ to 0℃ Temperature transition of devices equipped with ATC technology

Proprietary real-time epidermal temperature monitoring system
-10℃ to room temperature can be set according to the indication case
Safety design prevents irradiation if the light guide temperature exceeds the set temperature

*ATC = Automatic Temperature Controller


Intuitive Operation Panel

The intuitive screen configuration ensures smooth treatment in only 4 steps from cartridge selection to irradiation.

Memory Feature storing 50 parameters

CellecV is equipped with a parameter memory feature that can store up to 50 parameters. Since the device can store not only frequently used parameters, but also parameters for less frequently indicated cases, you can save time and effort in setting up.

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Main Specifications

This product can be used with 220 V outlets (L6-30).

Filters420(S), 500(S), 530(S), 530(D), 550(S), 560, 590, 640, 700
Pulse Duration1-60ms
Pulse Delay Time  1-60ms
Lamp TypeXenon Lamp
Spot Size40mm x 10mm
Electrical PowerAC220V(60Hz), 2.5KW, 15Amps (at 220V AC)
Weight 95kg
Dimension1030mm(H) X 368mm(W) X 565mm(L) ※without articulated arm