CO₂ laser is a gas laser with a wavelength of 10,600nm

It is absorbed by the water contained in the skin and transpirates and removes the target tissue.
Edge ONE’s unique mode allows for localized incision, excision, and transpiration of the tissue in the treatment area while minimizing the thermal effect on surrounding tissue.
It can also be used for soft tissue transpiration for the purpose of fractional resurfacing of the skin.

Product Features

30W high power and Ultra Mode

Equipped with high power 30W Ultra Mode (80μs~1000μs), which has less carbonization and less impact on surrounding tissues compared to normal pulses.

Ultra Mode
Normal Peak Power
(e.g., 10W)

Laser Idling Technology

Laser Idling Technology (Fast-Startup Technology) reaches peak power instantly and does not affect surrounding tissues.

Laser Idling Technology Standard Glass Tube Transmitter Tubes

F:50㎜ / F:100㎜ handpiece as standard equipments

F:50 ㎜⋯For flat and large area transpiration
F:100 ㎜⋯For incision and transpiration of fine area

※Minimum spot size 0.3mm

5 Irradiation Modes

5 Irradiation Modes can be selected according to each case
Selection from 5 modes; CW Mode for continuous irradiation, Single Mode for single-shot irradiation, Repeat Mode for repeated single-shot irradiation, Group Pulse Mode for interval irradiation, and ULTRA Mode for continuous irradiation with a set pulse width (80 μs to 1000 μs).

Continuous irradiation
CW Mode
1shot Specified pulse width (1~1000ms)
Single Mode
Continuous irradiation Mode Specified pulse width/stop width (1-1000ms)
Repeat Mode
Continuous irradiation Mode Specified pulse width/stop width (1-1000ms)
Group Pulse Mode
Continuous irradiation

Features-Fractional Mode

Versatile spot sizes

Irradiation with spot sizes of 120 μm, 350 μm, and 800 μm is possible simply by replacing handpiece tips.

Easy operation with the handpieces

Scan sizes and scan shapes can be changed by hand operation of the handpiece.

Scan size 3 scan shapes

Various Beam Patterns

  • Various beam patterns (refreshed, random, scattered) with uniform thermal diffusion in any pattern
  • More natural-looking borders of the irradiated area ( with Moving Mode)

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Main Specifications

Trade nameEdgeONE
Peak Output30W
Light-guiding systemArticulated mirror arm
Repetition frequency500 Hz max
Body Dimensions310mm(w)x370mm(D)x1084mm(H)(Arm not included, arm length: 829mm)
Body Weight40kg
Rated Power Supply100V,500VA,50/60Hz