Medical HIFU device for body contouring

Lipocel II features medical HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology specialized for slimming procedures, enabling treatment of large areas such as the thighs and abdomen non-invasively as well as efficiently, which has been difficult with conventional devices.

Product Features

Medical HIFU system specialized for slimming to reliably reach even the thickest fat layer

Rapid rupture and medium-term loss of fat cells
Providing slimming treatment with minimal risk of rebound

Lipocel II is a high-power HIFU with cooling function that can irradiate with 2MHz frequency and high-intensity energy of up to 150J/㎠. Its powerful thermal energy irradiation induces the rupture of fat cells, resulting in an immediate results. In addition, macrophages are activated by the loss of cell membrane integrity and the infiltration of fat cell contents outside the cell. The reduction of the cells themselves (cell death) promotes medium-term size reduction and can induce both necrosis and apoptosis. This makes possible a slimming treatment that is less likely to rebound.

Contact cooling mechanism protects epidermis and nerve from thermal damage
Significantly reduces pain, allowing treatment at a maximal output of 150J/㎤

General Principles of HIFU

HIFU technology is a technique that focuses ultrasound (acoustic energy) to a single point at target depth via a transducer built into a cartridge. The property of focusing thermal energy only on the target tissue layer minimizes the effect on non-target areas and allows for treatment without unnecessary heat or pain.

Ultrasonic Transducers Non-targeted layers
are non-invasive
  Target Layer

Grid Irradiation can save time and provide comfortable slimming treatment

Lipocel II is equipped with a Grid Irradiation Mode that reduces the number of stacking times and shortens the treatment time. Since dot irradiation is performed in a grid pattern, every stacking allows an approach with thermal energy equivalent to about 2 stacking times of conventional stacking. (Linear Dot Irradiation is also possible as before.)

Grid Dot Irradiation Linear Dot Irradiation Selectable at
the time of irradiation

Only 13 minutes irradiation for a palm-sized area

The area that can be approached with one shot is approximately 9 cm2 (when L13 cartridge is used). For a palm-sized area (9cm x 15cm), it takes only 12.5 minutes with GRID irradiation to induce fat reduction.

With L 13 cartridge Linear Dot Irradiation

Grid Dot Irradiation
11LINE/1 Direction

LIPOcel™ Cartridges

Adipose tissue

Patient Requests

  • Shape up around the waist

  • Slim down the thighs

  • Make the buttocks smaller

  • Slimming treatment with no downtime

Safety Function

Contact Cooling(5℃) System to protect the epidermis and destroy fat cells

LIPOcel II is equipped with Contact Cooling System to protect the epidermis and nerves. By cooling the contact surface to 5°C during irradiation, heat conduction outside the target is suppressed, reducing the risk of adverse reactions including burns, as well as pain associated with irradiation.

Contact Cooling System to protect epidermis

Without cooling(20℃) With cooling(5℃)

Minimal pain even with high power output by cooling effect

Comfort Features

Easy control panel even for first-time users

The intuitive screen layout ensures trouble-free operations right from the start.

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Main Specifications

The product must be connected to a 220 V outlet.

Body Specification

EnergyMax. 150J/㎠
LCD10.2 inch, touchscreen control panel display
Size438mm(W) x 580mm(D) x 1080mm(H)

Handpiece Specification

SwitchFinger switch
Focus Depth8mm, 11mm, 13mm
CoolingChill cartridge for contact cooling(5°C)
Size92mm(W) x 89mm(D) x 270mm(H)
Weight1.5kg / 2kg (with cartridge)