A high-power Nd: YAG laser that turns “expectations” into “satisfaction”

“TRI-BEAM PREMIUM” is an Nd: YAG laser (532nm/1064nm) that has achieved high power by reviewing the conventional laser oscillation structure. This is a device that can provide more beneficial results with treatments that take advantage of its high power.

Features -High Margin of Performance and Stable Treatment

Versatile Beam Modes

The following irradiation modes are available for TRI-BEAM PREMIUM. The appropriate irradiation mode to be used is set according to the indicated case.

Case of Indication

  • Tattoo Removal
  • Subcutaneous pigmented lesions 
  • Superficial pigmented lesions


The system is endowed with Gaussian Mode (G Mode) suitable for tattoo removal, TOP-HAT Mode (TH Mode) suitable for pigmented lesions, and GEN Mode (GN Mode)  which has longer pulse width than irradiation using Q-switch, suitable for superficial pigmented lesions.

Tattoo Removal
1064nm G Mode
Subcutaneous pigmented lesions
1064nm TH Mode
Superficial pigmented lesions
532nm TH Mode
1064nm GN Mode

TH (TOP-HAT) Mode that reduces the risk of damage to the epidermis with a homogenized beam profile

Treatment with the TH Mode of TRI-BEAM PREMIUM, which has a more homogenized, flat-top beam profile, can reduce epidermal damage and improve treatment efficacy.
TH mode is a technology that delivers a homogenized beam.

View from above View from side TOP-HAT Surface exhibits a flat and homogenized beam profile

When the beam is irradiated to the treatment area focused at an acute angle as shown in the left figure, the laser intensity is uneven on the irradiated surface.When the beam profile is flat and uniform as shown on the right, the laser beam can be distributed homogenously.

Sharply-Focused beam profile Homogenized beam profile Weak
(less effective)
Optimal Strong
(risk of inflammation)
Cross-sectional skin image Irradiated surface Weak
(less effective)
Optimal Strong
(risk of inflammation)

PTP Function(Rich-PTP technology) for highly effective treatment and low inflammatory response

The PTP function(Rich-PTP technology) divides the set irradiation energy into two pulses. A 20 Hz dual pulse of up to 1.6 J delivers practically the same therapy effect as a 40 Hz single pulse.
A milder approach than conventional therapies reduces the inflammatory response.

PTP function

Irradiation with minimal discomfort and inflammatory response

2 pulses 10HZ
  • High photoacoustic effect practically equivalent to 40Hz
  • Low peak power for the same fluence 2 pulses 20 Hz

Conventional irradiation

1 pulse 10Hz
2 pulse 10Hz

Measurement of mRNA by Rich-PCR

Treatment in PTP Mode has the effect of suppressing the inflammatory response.

Less inflammation
Less apoptosis
Fewer melanosomes transferred to keratinocytes

Two Type Handpieces as standard equipment

TRIBEAM Premium is equipped with two handpieces: Collimation handpiece with fixed 7mm spot regardless of hand distance and Zoom handpiece with variable 2-10mm spot at hand in 1mm increments

Zoom Collimation Two handpieces as standard equipment Zoom/Collimation Zoom–spot
size 2-10mm
size 7mm

The larger the spot size, the deeper the penetration depth of the laser, and the more heat is transmitted to deeper layers. Therefore, the larger the area irradiated at one time, the deeper the penetration depth at the same time.
Zoom handpiece, with its 2mm to 10mm irradiation range, can efficiently treat deep pigmented diseases such as Ota’s nevus and ADM, as well as tattoo and tattoo removal.Collimation handpiece has a large spot size of 7mm, which not only has a wide irradiation range, but also can reach deep into the skin. 

About 2 times larger Diameter 5mm: 2.5×2.5xπ = 19.6㎟
Diameter 7mm: 3.5×3.5xπ = 38.5㎟
Area of spot size 5mm and 7mm


Intuitive operation panel

The intuitive screen structure allows for smooth medical treatment immediately after introduction.

Up to 6 parameters stored

Equipped with a parameter memory function that allows registration of up to six parameters, eliminating the need to set parameters even for infrequently used treatments.

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Main Specifications

Wave Length 532nm/1064nm
Irradiation rangezoom handpiece: 2mm to 10mm
Collimation handpiece: 7mm
Irradiation Operation ModesG, GN, TH
Beam profile G: Gaussian beam
TH,GN Mode : Top-Hat
Light-guiding systemArticulated mirror arm
Repetition frequency20 Hz max
Main unit dimensions440㎜(W)×950㎜(L)×954㎜(H) (not including arm)
Body Weight110kg